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08 August 2009 @ 03:26 pm
[Masterlist] Buffy '09  
I'm naming all the stars. Updated 12/30.


Joyce, Spike, Giles. R. Cannon AU

Moths & Rainwater

Giles, Drusilla. R.Post-Series.

Charms and Tidings, Part 1 , Part 2
Giles, Spike, Xander, Giles/Olivia, Spike/Dru. R.  Recipient of an awesome poster  and remixed in round seven of  remixthedrabble .

Another Low Moment

Xander/Anya, Andrew, PG. First place winner in whedonland challenge.

Kastraki,Greece: 1924

Dru/Spike. PG-13. Pre-Series


Buffy/Spike. R. Cannon AU

Knave of Hearts

 Dawn&Spike. PG-13. Winner of an honorable mention for the whedonland prompt challenge.

Old Money

Giles&Xander friendship.G. Nominated for best drabble at therwsawards and wicked_awards .


Darla&Dru.  R. Pre-series.


Spike/Dru. R. Pre-series.

Desire Line

 Buffy/Spike. PG-13.

Penny Dreadful

Fang Four. R.Pre-series 

Sugar and Nutmeg
Buffy/Faith R.

Carmilla's Party: Part 1, Part 2
Darla/Dru. R. Pre-series

But So Did I

Spike/Dru. PG-13.

Be Cool

Andrew/Faith PG-13. Written for  whedonland  and winner of an Honorable Mention.

Stardust to Stardust

 Spike,Dru, Angel, River. PG. Crossover.

In The Bookstore

Dawn poem PG. Recced at buffyversetop5 .Winner of best drabble at Shades of Gray Awards

For Your Sake

Willow/Tara, PG-13.

Answers To Questions Never Asked

Dru/Spike, PG-13

Tell True Stories, Part 1, Part 2
Dawn, Drusilla/Faith. R. Season 3 AU

At Least The Engine Was Soild

Xander, Giles, Spike.PG-13.

Showdown in Aisle 6

Joyce. G.

This Wasn't in The Handbook

Anya, Giles, Spike, R

Death In the Afternoon

Giles, Ethan, R. Pre-Series.

Definitely Not A Kitten

Spike, Clem PG

Blue and White, Alternating

Dawn, Buffy, G

It is a Silkie's Nature to Forsake

Dawn, Buffy. G. Post-series.

And They Laughed When the Girls Said Makeup was a Necessity

Faith, Slayers in Training. G. Post-series.

Only Here For One Thing

Xander/Giles UST. PG-13.

Cleveland, 2007

Faith, Spike, Slayers in Training. R. Post-Series.

The Storms Eye

Dawn, River.PG.  Remix for remixthedrabble .

The Grave Of A Bird

Spike/Dru. R.Season 2 AU.

Lessons in Counting

Spike/Dru. R. Pre-Series.

He Still Hates That Purple Face

Robin Wood, PG. Pre-Series.

Sunnydale, 1986

Mayor Wilkins, Keith Mars. PG-13. Pre-Series.

A Sucker Sired Every Minute

Buffy, G.

The Gold Wrapped Box

Spike, OC, Spike/Dru. R. Pre-Series.

A Beautiful Sound

Topher, Buffy PG-13.Crossover.