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11 September 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Fic: Sugar and Nutmeg (Buffy/Faith, Dawn) Pg13  
Title:Sugar and Nutmeg
Author: Ersatz Fiction
Parring/characters: Buffy/Faith, Dawn
Rating: PG-13
Word count:697
Disclaimer: Not him.
Summery:Dawn uncovers who else she is made from.
AN: Written special for babydykecate in the whedonland fic giving challenge using the prompt 'Dawn has two mommies'. Also I’m ignoring the comics for the most part accept for the idea of a a huge slayer stronghold in Scotland and Buffy sleeping with some random not-Faith slayer (I know, WTF Buffy?). All spelling mistakes, word and tense confusion and overuse of third person pronouns are my own.

For the longest time, she thought it was Spike.

She wanted it to be Spike. Wanted to be made from the two strongest people she knew. Maybe, just maybe being their sister-friend-child would mystically bring Buffy and Spike together and he could move in and she'd have him and her sister and Tara&Willow as one big demon hunting family.

Turns out they were together and then not together and nether of them were happy, then he attacked Buffy. None of that I’m-going-to-kill-you-slayer stuff he tried so long ago, or his cutting-to-the-bone verbal attacks. But the scarybadwrong kind of attack that men do to women all the time. Buffy tried to explain it wasn't like that, it wasn't.

Too late. Dawn wanted noting to do with him. Wanted nothing of his to be a part of her. She would just die if that were the case.

Every time she saw him during those last horrible Sunnydale days, she felt hot and sick to think how badly her younger self wanted this blood connection.

The problem though, was the mystery of who else she was made from. Not Buffy’s parents, her grandparents-technically. If that were it, the--thing--up on the Tower wouldn’t have worked. But on the other hand she wasn't some Buffy clone. They looked too different.

Everyone was under suspicion. For months after her death, she wanted it to be Tara. Wanted a piece of Tara to live. Willow was scratched off the list at this point because she was angry at Willow for pulling a Dark Lord. And they looked nothing alike. Xander was a far too wigsome option to contemplate, as was Anya, for totally different reasons. She narrowed down to Giles or Tara, to the point where it was their hair (pocketed months ago to add to the Ziploc bag with all the other Potentials) she contemplated using in a paternity spell she found in one of the books she nabbed from Willow in the Great Magic Purging of ‘02.

Until Faith showed up. Duh! Why wasn't she at the top of the list in the first place! What’s stronger then two slayers?

How could she forget? Ok, so yeah, so she has monk-made memories of Faith coming out of the coma and using her and her mom as bait. But she also has memories of watching “Cruel Intentions” with the other slayer, listening to the slayer stories Buffy has never told her. She was in awe of Faith, and wrote pages and pages in her diary on how she wished Faith were her sister.

She cried so hard when she found out Faith was in that coma. Reason number 28 why she hated Angel.

Eminent death and whiny wanna-be slayers slowed her research, but she found time to observe Faith for her mental checklist.

Similar physical traits? Check.
Mannerisms in common? Check
Connection to Buffy? Check
Affection? Check
Protectiveness? Check
Positive made up memories? Check
Future family relationship?

She chooses Faith--kicking Buffy out of the house. Didn’t bode well, but all seemed forgiven by the time the crazy scythe was found. The blur of blowing up the Hellmouth was almost like a movie on fast forward.

Buffy wanted her to have some kind of normal life, but Faith knew there was no normal for them, they were the people who made normal possible. She liked that, the warriors of light gig.

Which was why, months later in the bathroom in their Rome apartment, she does the spell. Faith’s hair doesn’t burn in the blue flame. Faith is her mom.

She debated telling the two of them what she found, but she didn't want it to be weird. Plus, its wasn't like they needed her as a reason to date, after Faith kicked Satsu's ass up and down Slayer central, then holed up with Buffy for like a week.

She loved it. She especially loved those moments when she and Buffy and Faith would be in Scotland together, and they would watch movies, she would sprawl on the floor in front of the couch where Buffy and Faith would be cuddled, Buffy’s fingers playing with her hair.

Her slayer mothers and their mystical mysterious daughter.


Also, I just realized that Buffy and Faith both had slayer dreams about Dawn.  Remixed bysparkz0r  here.
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foreverxkisses: buffy fascinatingforeverxkisses on September 12th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
Hee! <3
This is wonderful!
" after Faith kicked Satsu's ass up and down Slayer central, then holed up with Buffy for like a week."
duh i read: otters in loveduh_i_read on September 12th, 2009 04:44 am (UTC)
Thank You.

I have to admit, I love "Faith finds out about Satsu" fics. Because if I were Faith, I'd be a little pissed. Maybe when I haven't juiced my brain like a lemon for this challenge, I'll write that scene.

Cate: {Buffy} Faith - slayerbabydykecate on September 30th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
:D so awesome! Dawn's voice is just perfect. Adorable, funny, and a pleasure to read. "she nabbed from Willow in the Great Magic Purging of ‘02" for some reason this part totally cracked me up (along with all the other hilarious moments :D). Thank you so much!
(Sorry it took me so long to read it, between school and sickness life has been a bit crazy).
duh i read: Creepyloveduh_i_read on September 30th, 2009 07:47 pm (UTC)
OMG I am so excited you liked it.

I always love the stuff you write/make for Whedonland and I still can't shake the feeling that everything I write is mediocre. So as a writer I love to read, it makes me so joyous that you like my humble little offering.

I also hope to in the next few days make a little banner for this too, so I can drop you a line when it's finished.