November 8th, 2014

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Fic: In Imbolic (Darla, Drusilla/Spike)

Title: In Imbolic
Arthor: duh_i_read
Fandom: Angel the Series, BtVS
Warning: Cannon type violence, bastardized pagan rituals, vampires being vampires
Spoilers: "Darla" and tangentially any episode that flashes back to Angel's curse.
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em.
Summery:If China taught Darla nothing, it was that a little sentiment remained in her, like the last mouthful of blood that remained stubbornly in the vein, thick and bitter.

AN: Imbolic is a real pagan holiday, but doesn't involve killing people. The latin roughly translates to "may the spark of Brigid warm those that are lonely, whose hearts are cold and lifeless".

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