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08 August 2009 @ 01:30 am
[Masterlist] Dollhouse 09  
There are three flowers in a vase. Updated 12/30.


Adelle. PG-13

Topher, Imprinted!Topher, Topher/Claire UST. PG-13 . Remixed in round 7 of  remixthedrabble .

Lemon Tart:
Topher, Topher/Claire UST,Claire/Boyd. PG.Written for still_grrr 'Unpack Your Adjectives. Second place winner in Adjective August.

Red Velvet Memories:
Claire/Boyd.PG.  Cannon AU. Written for whedonland and first place winner.

Claire/Boyd, Adelle, Topher. R. Cannon AU Gift forwhedonland fic giving challenge.

Sanctuary to Monsters:
Whiskey, Claire/Boyd.PG-13. E1 AU

Process of Becoming:
Boyd, Topher, Echo/Boyd, R. Vampire!AU

After The Ninth
Adelle, Boyd, Topher, PG-13.E1 AU.

Fox In The Hen House:
Boyd, Topher, PG-13.Cannon AU.

Waiting, Ready:
Paul, Alpha, PG-13. Winner of Mod's choice at still_grrr .

A Beautiful Sound:
Buffy, Topher, PG. Crossover