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01 January 2010 @ 11:48 am
[Masterlist] Dollhouse '10  
There is no judging in the Dollhouse. Updated 10/19.


Curlicue Hearts
Boyd, Topher, Paul, Adelle, Boyd/Claire UST, PG-13. Missing scene.

The Napoleon of Crime
Whiskey, Adelle. R. Pre-series.

House of Glass
OC, G. Pre-peries.

Claire/Boyd, PG-13.

Collection of 50 words or less stories
Various parings and ratings. 

Tarocchi Appropriati

Spike, Ivy, Drusilla. OC, R. Remix.

Gaze A Gazer's Stare
Alpha, Topher, Echo. PG-13.Cannon AU.

Wicked McHotpants and Dirk Rockbody Save The Day

Topher, Boyd, Claire, Mary Sue, Gary Sue. PG-13. Badfic.

I Raise My Song To You
Adelle/Claire. PG-13. Post-ep.

The Second of March
Paul Ballard, Topher, Ivy, Boyd. PG. Crackfic.

A Touch of Red
Alpha, Whiskey. PG. Pre-series.

Lierre, My Belle
Ivy/Topher UST. PG. Cannon AU.

Just Like The Movies
Victor/Sierra, Ivy, Topher. PG.

Necessary Kisses
Topher/Dominic, Adelle/Dominic. PG-13. Humor.

The Girl With The Flaxen Card
Ivy, Claire, Adelle, Topher. PG. Missing scene.

La Muse Malade
Carl W Craft (Alpha). R. Pre-series.

Claire, 2012
Claire Saunders, Adelle, Echo, Topher, Claire/Boyd. PG. Post-ep poem.

Whiskey, 2019
Whiskey, Claire/Boyd. PG.  Epitaphverse Poem.

Adelle. PG.

Teach Us What The Soul Is

Paul, Alpha, Loomis, PG-13. Post-ep & Epitaphverse.

Breath and Shadow
Adelle DeWitt. PG.

Midnight Blue
Topher/Adelle. R. Pre-series.

All Stumbling Words
Adelle/Topher, Alpha, Zone. PG-13. Post-series.

Our Buildings Will Fall to Ruin
Topher/Ivy. PG-13. Epitaphverse AU.

Change of Engagement
Alpha, Adelle (implied A/A). PG-13. Epitaphverse.

The Calm
Whiskey, Sophie Alvarez. PG-13. Pre-series.

The Moon Shone Full

Adelle/November, PG-13. Pre Series.