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01 January 2010 @ 12:49 pm
[Masterlist] Buffy/AtS '10  
When in the real world am I ever gonna need chemistry or history or math or the English language?


Better Things
Harmony. R. Post-Episode.

New York, 1970
Spike/Dru. PG-13. Pre-Series

Sunnydale, 1945
Mayor Wilkins. G.Pre-Series

Made Glorious Summer
The Master. R. Wishverse.

In the Lion's Mouth
Spike/Robin Wood. R. Post-Chosen.

 The Journey Is All
Darla/Angel. PG. Cannon AU

Rock & Rye
Darla. PG. Pre-Series

Tarocchi Appropriati

Spike, Ivy, Drusilla, OC. R. Remix.

The Summer of 1973
Bernard Crowley, G. Pre-Series.

History Lessons
Buffy, Faith, Slayers in Training, G. Post-series.

Lucky Break
Lilah Morgan, G, Pre-series

Drusilla/Angel. R. Wishverse.

Drusilla. PG-13. Pre-series.

Spike,implied Spike/Dru. R. Post-series.

Done With The Compass
Giles/Olivia. R. Alternative Cannon