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01 January 2010 @ 12:58 pm
[Masterlist] All Other Fandoms  
Everything else of note. Featuring Firefly, Veronica Mars,True Blood and Kick Ass.


L'Art Est Long Et Le Temps Est Court
Simon, River, Mal. R. Dark.

Veronica Mars

Twenty word fics
Veronica/Various Parings, PG-R.

True Blood

Vitruvian Man
Eric/Jason, R. Three Sentence fic.

Best Friends For...
Tara/Sookie, R.

Salt and Water
Jessica Hamby, PG-13.

And Now For The Weather

Various Characters, R, heavy season three spoilers

Alpha Roll
Tommy/Jessica/Hoyt. R.

Kick Ass

Birds Of A Feather
Mindy, Dave. R. Crossover with Kill Bill