duh i read (duh_i_read) wrote,
duh i read

Sooooo I've started watching Supernatural for real, and I'm kinda obsessed. Like up-until-three-am-watching-netflix-ignoring-my-roomates-and-our-friends kind of obsessed.

But, I need two things from ya'll: first ALL THE FIC RECS. Paring is immaterial as long as it's well written and won't spoil me for anything past season 4. Fics about minor characters are always a plus, and I won't turn down crack fics and AU's.

Second thing, in my limited exploration into fic, I've seen a shitton of Real Person Fic. I mean, I try to ignore most RPF (with a few exceptions of course) but there seems to be more then I've ever seen in any fandom. Is this just me spending too many years in small fandoms?
Tags: fandom: supernatural, i love tv, not dead
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