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[Fic] Didn't You Know Heaven is Full of Otters? (Arther Shappy) R

Title:Didn't You Know Heaven is Full of Otters?
Author: duh_i_read
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Characters: Arthur Shappy, Martin Creiff
Disclaimer: Not mine. 
Warnings: Mentions of Suicide
Summery:When Arthur thinks of Skip, he thinks of otters.
AN: Basically flash fic I wrote in response to the most depressing piece of Cabin Pressure fanart I'd ever seen and posted on my tumblr. Check out the fanart here, but TW for Suicide

When Arthur thinks of Skip, which happens often on regular days, and always always after takeoff, he thinks of otters. Not quite a hundred, because he's sure Heaven can hold loads more otters then that. More like two. Two otters with silky fur, making chirpy little otter sounds while Skip talks to them. He imagines Skip, leaning on a fluffy bright cloud, the otters in his lap as he tells them all about the fun adventures he had on Gerti, and forgets about all the really really sad parts.

And always, when Arthur imagines Skip and a cloud and the otters, Skip always has wonderful huge white wings on his back, half open, like birds do right before they take flight.

Because, as he tells Mum and Douglas (and Dr. Carol, when she asks how he’s coping), why wouldn’t Martin be anything but a brilliant angel?

Tags: c:arthur shappy, fandom: cabin pressure, type: alternate cannon, type: angst, type: gen
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