Thirty notes in the mailbox

will tell you that I'm coming home

duh i read

I read. I write. I am a feminist queer fan of color.

I have a thing for unloved female characters and underappreciated characters of color.

I love Dollhouse without apology or shame.

That gum you like is going to come back in style

"And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."

FANDOMS:BtVS,AtS,Dollhouse,Dark Angel, CraigBond, Harry Potter,Veronica Mars, BSG, Futurama, Fringe, 30 Rock, Venture Bros, Firefly, BBC Robin Hood, X Files,True Blood, Dexter,Power Rangers RPM, Leverage, Star Trek XI,Inception, Doctor Who, Misfits, Twin Peaks,Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, Supernatural, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games.


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2nd person narrative, 30 rock, 90's cartoons, 90's scfi tv shows, 90's x files fanfic, adelle dewitt, adelle/echo, adelle/paul, adelle/topher, alec/logan, alec/normal, alpha/echo, alpha/whiskey, alternative universes, angel the series, angsty antiheroes, astrid, avpm, bad action films, bond slash, bond/leiter, book cover art, boyd langton, bsg, buffy, cabin pressure, characters of color, claire saunders, claire/boyd, colons, commas, contemporary poetry, crazy british women, cruel intentions, cruel summers, dark angel, darla/angelus, darla/drusilla, deb morgan, dewey decimal, dexter, disregarding cannon, doctor who, dollhouse, dollhouse macros, dr. girlfriend, dr. horrible, dr. suess, drusilla, elements of style, eric/lafayette, faith/buffy, fan art, fancy yarn, fanfic remixes, fanmixes, fans of color, firefly, fred/gunn, fringe, fry/leela, futurama, gay hp characters, gay mutant terrorists, geek porn, giles, giles/xander, grindeldore, gunn/wes, harry potter, hbic, head!six, helo/athena, hermione/snape, his dark materials, homoerotic subtext, hp knitting patterns, icon love, interracial couples, james bond/le chiffre, jasika nicole, john waters, joyce summers, kara thrace's special destiny, knitting patterns, librarians, lilah/wes, lipsync for your life, magpies, mal's suspenders, martha jones, metaphor, morally gray, nerdlife, netflix, obscure fandoms, october country, original cindy, people who read, photoshop, planet express, poc fantasy casting, queers, rare parings, ravenclaw house, red dwarf, redeemed snape, river song, river/eleven, ronald dahl, rupaul's drag race, sandman comics, satire, sci-fi, scully, scully/krycek, sentence structure, simon/mal, simpson references, sonnets, spaceships, spike/buffy, spike/drusilla, starkid potter, steven king short stories, temeraire, temeraire/iskierka, ten/martha, the lost girls, the x files, three piece suits, tim gunn, tina fey, topher brink, topher/ivy, true blood, tv tropes, twin peaks, ust, veronica mars, veronica/weevil, what-if au, x men, zelda/link, zoe/wash, zombie apocalypse